Psst, here's how to say my name.
What can be said about me that hasn’t been said about Harry Potter?
Magical. Easy to read. Dead if it weren’t for his two best friends.
But I digress.
I first worked in advertising during high school dressed as Tony The Tiger for Leo Burnett’s Christmas party. 
I retired from that and found myself in a media agency. Realizing I was proud of crafting clever emails and not spiffy spreadsheets, I changed course. I missed bringing brands to life like Tony did.
Nowadays, I like to write more than just clever emails. I want to connect people with brands in ways that make them think, laugh, or sometimes even cry (in a good way). 
My dream is to shoot an ad in space. But I’ll settle for my mom sending me my own work asking if I’ve “seen this cool video”.
If you can help make either of those happen, I’d love to chat.
Perfect Attendance: Grades 1-3

D&AD Wood Pencil; Future Impact / Google Access
D&AD Wood Pencil; New Blood / Plant This Whopper
D&AD New Blood Portfolio Picks
One Show Silver Pencil; Young Ones / New Song Smell
One Show Bronze; Young Ones / Google Access
One Show Merit; Young Ones / Extinct Emojis
Clios Entertainment Silver / Code Captioning
Clios Health Silver / Extinct Emojis
Clios Health Bronze / Google Access
ADCC Silver; Student Advertising / Extinct Emojis
ADCC Bronze; Student Advertising / Code Captioning
Communication Arts Winner / Code Captioning
Communication Arts Winner / Extinct Emojis
Communication Arts Shortlist / Google Access
Communication Arts Shortlist / Plant This Whopper
Applied Arts / Plant This Whopper
MUSE Gold / Rural Rescue
NY Festival Gold / Google Access
NY Festival Bronze / Extinct Emojis
NY Festival Finalist (Craft) / Plant This Whopper
NY Festival Finalist (Medium) / Plant This Whopper
Creative Conscience Bronze / Extinct Emojis
Creative Conscience Shortlist / Google Access
Chip Shop Awards Shortlist / Google Access
Miami Ad School Live Client: Silver / EA Sports - FIFA
Miami Ad School Top Dog

Media Agency Days:
Media Innovation Awards: Bronze / IKEA Canada (2018)
Media Innovation Awards: Silver (IKEA Canada) (2017)
Young Lions Shortlist (2017)
Fun Facts:
- My first time hiking was to Everest Base Camp. Go big or go home, right?
- My first time camping was in Mongolia. I was on horseback and at one point may have accidentally invaded Russia. It was also my first time invading another country.
- I've interviewed at a spy agency. Twice. The fact that I'm willing to put that online is probably why I didn't get the job.
- I've slept overnight inside an IKEA. I also tried to start a pillow fight but it was an "insurance liability", or something.
Rethink Toronto | Copywriter (December 2021)
Rethink Toronto | Copywriting Intern (Fall 2021)
DAVID São Paulo | Copywriting Intern (Summer 2021)
Miami Ad School Toronto | Copywriting Student (2020-Present)
Noise Digital | Strategic Planner (Feb. 2019 - Sept. 2019)
Jungle Media | Senior Media Planner (June 2017 - Jan 2019)
Jungle Media | Assistant Media Planner (May 2016 - June 2017)
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